About Women Travel Latin America

Women Travel Latin America is all about inspiring women to travel Latin America, discover its wonders and hidden secrets, and perhaps discover some hidden truths about ourselves and our place in the world along the way. This is a website by women travelers for women travelers, to help us through the uncertain moments and to rejoice in our discoveries.

At times thought of as a dangerous area, Latin America is far more open to women travelers than many believe. Here we bring together women writers and bloggers and give a space for them to express their hopes, fears and dreams. We open to you the world of experiences they’ve had throughout Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina.

Join these women in their journeys.  You’ll be touched by their stories and inspired by what they have done. Learn from what they did wrong and what they wished they had done differently.

Celebrate with them in their success and achievements and let them motivate you to set your own goals and work towards your own dreams.

Join this community of women showing the world that yes, women can travel. Alone or with a friend, we have a powerful community behind us and a whole lifetime of dreams to accumulate.

Let the traveling begin…