Megan Benay

Megan is from Vermont, USA. After teaching special education in New York City for four years, she decided to hit the road and spent a summer in Quito, Ecuador. She fell in love with Latin America and, upon completing her M.Ed. in Organizational Leadership at Columbia University, moved to Chile to teach English with the United Nations Development Programme. Continue reading

Nadia Ho de Guillén

Nadia grew up in Vietnam and the Czech Republic, and has also lived, studied and worked in Argentina, Canada, Mexico and France. She currently resides in the USA with her Mexican husband. Nadia holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic, and a Master’s degree in International Brand Management from Kedge Business School, Marseille, France. Continue reading

Emily Wheeler

Emily is from Washington D.C., USA, and has filled her passport and gathered her stories by living in Germany, South Korea, and Colombia. She is a short story writer with a Bachelor’s degree in English Writing and German Language from Hope College, and the recipient of the Distinguished Artist Award in writing from her alma mater. Continue reading

Priyanka Gupta

Priyanka was born in a small town in northern India. She is a software engineer by education but has been coding fictional characters since childhood. She wrote a rhyming poem about King Solomon when she was thirteen. She started her solo travels with trips in India to Kerala and Goa, then traveled Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America where travelers buzzed like bees over the curry and rice she cooked in hostel kitchens.  Continue reading