Judges for the 2017 Alone Together Anthology

Karen Attman

Karen Attman’s writing has appeared in over 25 publications around the world, including CNN, Esquire, and Four Magazine. Her book on specialty coffee in Colombia, Permission to Slurp, has been widely received by experts in the coffee industry and is required reading in university courses.

“I moved to Latin America 21 years ago. I have traveled extensively; I’ve lived in remote jungle villages, small towns where life slows down to a near stop, and in large cities that are bursting at their seams. Traveling in Latin America changed my life profoundly and I want to help open up those changes to women who are just beginning their travels. I love to read stories that explore those changes and the consequences they bring to the lives of women of any age.”

Victoria Kellaway

Victoria Kellaway was a newspaper reporter in England for six years before she moved to Bogotá, Colombia. She is the co-author of the bestselling Colombia a comedy of errors and co-edited the essay collection, Was Gabo an Irishman?

“I love to read a story in miniature. Any entry that focuses on one person, one place or one moment among the millions is likely to catch my eye. I would rather hear the story of how one encounter with a Bolivian shopkeeper, or one day with a Mexican family, empowered a woman traveller than read a summary of her six-month trip. If I can hear the characters’ voices, feel the warmth of the sun or the irritation of the rain, taste the food on the table and feel my emotions change along with those of the writer, even better.”

Emma Newbery

Emma Newbery is the managing editor and co-founder of The Bogotá Post and The Bogotá International Press. She began her working life as a financial journalist before spending almost a decade working as a consultant to cities who want to host the Olympic Games.

“I’m looking for pieces that transport the reader to Latin America; that entwine words as if they were brightly coloured threads in a chamanto/poncho or just the right ingredients in a flavoursome guacamole. I hope we will receive submissions that capture the joys and adventures on offer when you jump on a bus or a plane to a new land. I don’t mind if they are stories, poems, essays – I want to get a real sense of the place you visited, the people you met, and of your inner journey as well as your outer one.”