Praise for Alone Together

‘Remarkable’ – Marjorie Agosín

“Latin America evokes multiple images of its grandiose landscapes, of its people and its often turbulent history.  As one travels to this region it is essential to have a book that guides you with clarity and sensitivity so you do not feel so alone in your journey. Finally, there is a book, Alone Together, a remarkable anthology written by women of many voices and experiences. Each writer is able to narrate with particular clarity and insight what it means to be a solo woman traveler in the Americas. What are the obstacles and challenges? What are the fears? From Central America, where countries such as Honduras have a history of violence to the majesty of Patagonia, we are made aware of what it means to be a woman traveling alone in Latin America. Each essay is written with authenticity and the reader feels part of this adventure. This is a must for all travelers to the region, from the curious reader who wants to learn about Latin American culture and geography but especially for women who also want to journey alone. This anthology is inspiring as well as powerful and essential for all travelers.

  • Marjorie Agosín, author of I lived on Butterfly Hill, The Light of Desire and Secrets in the Sand (The Young Women of Juárez) and winner of the Gabriela Mistral Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement.

‘Riveting’ – Diane Esguerra

“Whether triggered by love, loss, longing or simply a curiosity to know more about South America, the lone journeys undertaken by the women in this anthology are as varied and riveting as the bio-diverse continent they describe. The reader is transported on foot, via ‘chicken bus’ and even on a wooden bicycle through uplands and lowlands, cloud forest, palm-dotted coastal villages, savannahs and deserts. Heartwarming stories abound of the kindness of strangers and the famed Latin American insistence that mi casa es tu casa. As the women resolutely challenge popular preconceptions of the dangers of travelling in the region, along with their own fears, confidence grows and life-altering, internal journeys begin to mirror their thrilling external ones. If you’re into tales of edgy travel, in search of the impetus to kick-start your own solo trip to South America or simply looking for a gripping and excellent read then Alone Together is the book for you.”

  • Diane Esguerra, author of Junkie Buddha (A Journey of Discovery in Peru)

‘Masterful’ – Kate McCahill

“I just finished Alone Together and adored it. What a masterful collection you’ve assembled. Alone Together, an inspired collection of travel essays, resounds with the distinctive perspectives of a diverse female authorship. Thirty-six meaningful accounts of challenge and illumination transport the reader from Ushuaia to Copacabana, Ometepe to La Paz, San Salvador to Mexico City—and beyond. Alone Together’s many voices span the joys and frustrations of travel and exploration, never shying away from the conflicts – political, economic, and environmental – that plague the developing world. Imbued with equal parts historical research, vivid description, and enchanting storytelling, Alone Together is smart, compelling, and wholly motivating. As Elizabeth O’Donnell writes in the collection’s opening essay, “As fun as it is to encourage the myth that what I’m doing is wildly exotic and dangerous, I’ll let you in on a secret: it’s not that hard at all.”

  • Kate McCahill, author of Patagonian Road (A Year Alone Through Latin America)

‘Refreshing’ – Tracy Ashworth

“What I enjoyed most about this anthology was that each of the writers was so different in the way they told their story, how they saw the world and what they were looking for. This breadth and depth means anyone who reads this book is likely find a little of their own self amongst these pages, hopefully igniting a spark in them to travel solo. I’ve backpacked alone through Latin America and am a huge believer in women travelling solo more not less. It was refreshing to read stories by women who have travelled this way, even when the world told them it wasn’t safe.”

  • Tracy Ashworth, author of 60 Ways to Die in South America (A novel about love, llamas and trying not to die)

‘Beautiful’ – Jennifer Poe

“Thank you for sharing this beautiful book with me. An inspiring anthology filled with tales of courageous women defying fear and societal expectations to explore the world solo. Alone Together is the perfect narrative of what it means to discover who you are through your journey.  The final page will leave beginner and seasoned travelers with one question, “Where should I go next?”

  • Jennifer Poe, author of Hola, Morocha! (A Black Woman’s Adventures in Buenos Aires: Culture Shock)

‘Gets your heart pounding’ – James Brooman

“Travel in Latin America is a mysterious, wonderful, adventurous thing, and from the very first words I could see the continent and its people through the experiences of these remarkable women. From one woman’s first steps to others with a lifetime of experiences, you can sense how the lives of these writers are forever changed, while anyone who has travelled in Latin America will smile as their own memories flood back. Genuinely terrifying stories will get your heart pounding as you race through the pages in search of a happy ending, while in others the kindness of strangers will restore your faith in humanity. There are moments of pure beauty that raise the spirits, and moments of joy that remind you that those golden moments are found in the strangest of places as each author show a different facet of this uniquely diverse region. The reader will meet both devils and angels in these pages, and throughout you will be inspired by the strength, courage, positivity and openness of these women who set out on adventure and never looked back. As a man it was fascinating to see the continent from a woman’s perspective; I suspect that while most male travellers intellectually understand that there are differences in the challenges we face, many of us don’t really understand this. These stories gave me a new, more nuanced perspective. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

  • James Brooman, author of North to South (A Man, A Bear and a Bicycle)

‘A joy to read’ – Oliver Balch

A terrific collection of characterful, colourful vignettes from across the region, Alone Together ditches the gringo trail in favour of everyday encounters from across Latin America. Often poignant, always personal, it captures what’s best about independent travel – the excitement, the fears, the surprises and, above all, the richness of shared humanity. A true joy to read.

  • Oliver Balch, author of Viva South America! (A Journey through a Restless Continent) shortlisted for ‘Book of the Year’ in the UK Travel Press Awards.