Submission Tips

The editorial team at Women Travel Latin America is passionate about empowering women to travel, to shake off any fears they may have and pack their bags and explore new areas or revisit the ones that changed their lives in the past.

For the 2017 Alone Together Travel Anthology we are looking for engaging, thought-provoking entries that explore the theme of women traveling in Latin America, whether alone or together.

We want you to give us a fresh perspective, a revised look on the often repeated idea thatLatin America is a dangerous region for women travelers. So share with us what you think: should women travel ‘alone’ in Latin America?

Comic or absurd, serious or frightening, these entries should be a reflection of life. They should express the joyous freedom of extending beyond your boundaries – the ones you set for yourself or those that others set for you – as well as explore the many stumbling mistakes we all make when attempting something new.

What goes on deep inside you when you travel? Tell us about the negative as well as the positive emotions that stop you in your tracks or make you rush into the next exhilarating experience. Humorous to tragic, make us face and feel the realities that woman travelers face. Share your love of all things Latin, as well as the frustrations you have faced as you try to understand cultural differences.

The Alone Together Travel Anthology will serve as a guide to many women who dare to travel alone and who want to explore Latin America, as well as those who never before considered this area of the world.  We want to hear your authentic voice. Tell us what makes your travels an extension of you and your view of the world.

Get the full submission guidelines here.

Please join us in empowering other women to travel!

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