What’s in Alone Together?

Alone Together is a rich anthology of women’s voices from around the world as they encounter the diverse landscapes and cultures of Latin America. They are stories of overcoming fears, of exploration and most of all of often heart-warming human connections.

Foreword by Hilary Bradt MBE 

Prologue by Amy Baker

Breaking in the Shoes of a Braver Woman – Elizabeth O’Donnell
Is it finally time to start listening to your mother?

A Sticky Revelation – Teresa Bruce
The best choices are made at the worst moments

Home is a Loaded Word – Elizabeth Holli Wood
The past is a foreign country until it knocks at your door

At the Mercy of Men – Sissi Korhonen
They’ve only ever got one thing on their minds

Journalist: Don’t Shoot – Ronnie Lovler
Keep your head down and come back with the story

Havana Rewind – Courtenay Strickland
If music be the food of love, play on

It Has to be Now – Nuria Elkout
There’s only one thing less reliable than a chicken bus

Missing – Rebecca Hoffmann
Nightmares happen on otherwise ordinary days

Could this be the Place? – Julia Buschmann
Childhood dreams only pretend to go away

Gunfire in the Night – Kelly Symonds
Wake up, this is happening

You’re Never Too Old – April Wood
Those itchy feet have a mind of their own

The Uninvited Visitor – Allison Yates
With proximity comes great responsibility

Look at my Life Now – Rebecca Roach
A real phoenix decides when to emerge

A Rugged Kinda Gal – Robin Verwest
Even the best hitchhikers can accept the wrong ride

Evening in the Wrong Barrio – Emily Paskevics
They told her to be home by sunset

The Painter of Bluefields – Anna Wrochna
Falling in love is the greatest art of all

Witness to the Crime – Jade Griffiths
There’s no evidence you’ll be safer at home

The Swim – Caitlin Furio
Has the time come to take the plunge?

The Legacy of Berta Cáceres – Gloria Jiménez
The bravest souls refuse to be silenced

Gift of Grapes – Kate Rawles
The kindness of strangers may taste the sweetest

Just Keep Breathing – Phebe Tempelaars
Alone in the jungle, who is going to save you?

We Hadn’t Even Said Hello – Paula Veselovschi
Family means no one is forgotten or left behind

A Face at the Window – Ailana Navarez
If only you could forget what you weren’t meant to see

Day One Hundred and Twenty Two – Emma Murray
Some footprints make an impression the tide will never erase

The Hangover – Charlotte Mackenzie de Urrea
Beware of the flashbacks that haunt you forever

My Polola – Megan Lawton
Can a lone wanderer ever meet her match?

Down the Napo River – Stephanie A. Wolcott
Listen to those who have known from the beginning

My Shaman – Priyanka Gupta
The spark of modern desire in an ancient land

Crossing – Emily Wheeler
Six strangers, one common goal

The Clash – Susan Walsh
It can all come down to four familiar punk rockers

Incoherent in Copacabana – Camille Mansell
Watch out for vulnerability, it lurks in unlikely shadows

Sweet Talkers – Nadia Ho de Guillén
Is it true what they say about Latin lovers?

Pointers – Ilona Tonnaer
Those days when you just have to follow the signs

Change in Your Pocket – Andrea Jaramillo
The smallest things can make all the difference

The Island of Dead Dolls – Fayida Jailler
There’s a secret behind every strange obsession

But You’re a Girl – Megan Benay
In case you hadn’t noticed